YB Afraid Foundation


Our Mission

The YB Afraid Foundation, started by Yohan Blake in 2011, works to support organizations and develop programs that address the educational, physical and mental health and social needs of underprivileged youth, enabling them to develop into outstanding citizens and role models in our society.

Our Objectives
o To support the education of children in order to provide them with the building blocks they need to achieve success throughout their lives.

o To support mental health programs for children that can help to reduce emotional and behavioral problems and that promote social and behavior adjustments and improved school performance.

o To support the physical health of children to enable them to be strong enough to achieve their full potential.

o To support young children who are unable to gain employment or to further their formal education by providing life management skills through the provision of workshops and other training facilities to enable them to acquire and develop vocational skills.

o To support training in character building, leadership development, conflict resolution, and decision making through programmes designed to provide life guidance, mentorship, and skills training.

o To support programs that will discourage and treat addiction to drugs, alcohol or other harmful substances.

o To support the provision of facilities for sports, recreation, cultural development and other activities for economically and socially disadvantaged youth.

o To support independent living programs for fostered children that provide young people with the practice they need for facing life on their own.

o To provide real-life work experience through specialized internships that offer career-building opportunities and that help students to prepare for the workplace.