Yohan Blake Helps Unveil adidas Boost at Media Launch Day in NYC

Sprint king: Current 100-metre World Champion Yohan Blake at the product launch

Yohan Blake was in NY last week to help adidas launch Boost for the innovation media launch of latest technology that will revolutionize running.

The Daily Mail reports about Yohan Blake and the new Boost technology:

“Blake will benefit from thousands of air capsules which make the shoes twice as bouncy as conventional trainers while maintaining their comfort and durability.

They have been compared to the controversial full-body swimsuits, outlawed after swimmers smashed a series of world records in the pool. 

The German sports giants say the secret to its product’s success is that energy is returned to the athlete due to the cushioning provided by the air capsules in the midsole.”

The shoes will be officially for sale  in stores on February 27th. For more info visit  adidas.com/running

adidas Unveils Energy Boost

(l-r) Anton Yelchin, Nikki Reed, Maggie Grace, Yohan Blake, Rosario Dawson, Morena Baccarin

Legends Maurice Greene(l) and Heile Gebrselassie(r) with up and coming star Yohan Blake

Legends Maurice Greene (l) and Heile Gebrselassie (centre) with up and coming star Yohan Blake (r)

Video of Boost launch highlights

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