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Richard Mille to Donate The Yohan Blake Tourbillion Prototype Watch

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

Richard Mille Yohan Blake Watch

On 28th September, Richard Mille will donate a unique piece to Only Watch, the Yohan Blake Tourbillon Prototype, for the 5th edition of this exceptional charity auction held in Monaco. The proceeds from the auction will be for the Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophy.

The watch being donated is the Yohan Blake Tourbillon Prototype which Yohan Blake wore at the 2012 London Olympic Games where he won three medals and also at the Diamond League in Lausanne where he also won the 100m and became the third fastest sprinter of all time over this distance, beating his personal best.

This prototype, which was worn by Yohan Blake during the London Olympic Games, created an enormous amount of media attention. It is a unique piece based upon the RM 038 but adapted to Yohan Blake’s specifications. This watch has experienced the joy of the podium and shared the spotlight with the gold and silver medals won by Yohan. It is truly a piece of historic importance» said Richard Mille.

This Tourbillon Prototype in the colours of the Jamaican flag features a green flange and crown, yellow minute-markers and a yellow Velcro® strap that contrasts with the all white case. This caliber with 19 jewels and beating at 3Hz, has its baseplate, bridges and balance cock made of grade 5 titanium.

The case of this prototype is made of an extremely rugged and light alloy called magnesium WE 54, one of the lightest metals used in construction and has excellent property retention capacities at elevated temperatures. After a long and delicate machining phase, theses alloys are given a new electro-plasma oxidation treatment called Miarox®, improving both the durability and scratch resistance of this alloy as well as its wear and corrosion properties.

By placing a tourbillon watch on Yohan Blake’s wrist during the Olympic Games- a first in the history of sprinting- the brand was able to test the resilience of this exceptional and unique piece in extreme conditions, assessing its performance and comfort when faced with typical racing constraints.

The Richard Mille brand has been a dedicated and unwavering supporter of Only Watch since its creation and chose to donate on this occasion a unique piece full of history which accompanied the great champion in 2012.


yohan blake lausanne\\

Source: Richard Mille Facebook Page

Yohan Blake Runs His Personal Best Time in the 400m at UWI Invitationals

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Yohan Blake ran at the UWI Invitational meet on March 23rd in the 400m and ran his personal best time of 46.33 seconds.

According to an interview on Track Alerts Yohan Blake feels he is on track with his training:

“I feel good to run my personal best over 400,” Blake said while adding “if the wind wasn’t that strong I would have gotten a faster time. But I still have to give God thanks. I am running some good times in the 400 so I’m right where I’m supposed to be  (preparing for World Championships in Moscow, Russia in August).”

Yohan Blake who will be defending his 100m championship title in Moscow this summer at the World Championships and while he is in training been running locally in Jamaica at some of the meets.

He recently was seen at the Gibson Relays where he ran the 4×100 and the 4×400 for Racers Lions.

Yohan Blake Helps Unveil adidas Boost at Media Launch Day in NYC

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Sprint king: Current 100-metre World Champion Yohan Blake at the product launch

Yohan Blake was in NY last week to help adidas launch Boost for the innovation media launch of latest technology that will revolutionize running.

The Daily Mail reports about Yohan Blake and the new Boost technology:

“Blake will benefit from thousands of air capsules which make the shoes twice as bouncy as conventional trainers while maintaining their comfort and durability.

They have been compared to the controversial full-body swimsuits, outlawed after swimmers smashed a series of world records in the pool. 

The German sports giants say the secret to its product’s success is that energy is returned to the athlete due to the cushioning provided by the air capsules in the midsole.”

The shoes will be officially for sale  in stores on February 27th. For more info visit

adidas Unveils Energy Boost

(l-r) Anton Yelchin, Nikki Reed, Maggie Grace, Yohan Blake, Rosario Dawson, Morena Baccarin

Legends Maurice Greene(l) and Heile Gebrselassie(r) with up and coming star Yohan Blake

Legends Maurice Greene (l) and Heile Gebrselassie (centre) with up and coming star Yohan Blake (r)

Video of Boost launch highlights

Richard Mille and Yohan Blake Introduce the RM 59-01 Tourbillon Watch

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

(images from Richard Mille & Hondikee)

At the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie ‘SIHH‘ 2013 Richard Mille introduced the RM 59-01 Tourbillon, Yohan Blake’s new timepiece.  Yohan Blake was in attendance for the big event.

Hondikee reports:

“The RM 59-01 has an asymmetrical case (50mm x 43mm x 16mm), shaped to be aerodynamic for a sprinter like Blake, who favors his watch a droit. The case is, as you would expect, a lightweight composite and the handwound tourbillon movement is built to take the enormous shocks and G-forces that result from being sliced through the air on the arm of an Olympic sprinter.

Beyond the considerable technical prowess, the 59-01 has stylistic cues that refer to the man they call “The Beast.” Aside from the Jamaican yellow and green, the movement itself has so-called “Beast bridges,” which are splayed out to resemble a claw, a nod to Blake’s trademark running style, with his fingers ripping through the air.”

The RM 59-01 is limited to 50 pieces.

Also has a great piece on the watch entitled Talking with the Yohan Blake on Richard, Racing, and the ‘Resolve of the Beast’

In this article not only do they discuss the amazing look, feel and design of the new master timepiece, but the writer and Yohan also discuss the future of the Richard Mille watch that he wore at the Olympic games in London:

“When asked about the Olympic final watch now that the RM059 is ready, I was told that later on this year, the watch that is part of Olympic history (and showed how corporate the Olympic Games have become) will be auctioned off. I think that there will also be some provenance to go with it in terms of documentation. Despite some wealthy individuals in Jamaica (and beyond) making offers for the watch, it is Yohan Blake’s wish (and Richard’s for that matter) that the watch be auctioned off to provide funds for Blake’s own foundation and charity: “YB Afraid to Dream” ( Growing up in poverty, Blake wants to give something back, to give others the chance that he was fortunate to receive. The money will go for the underprivileged children to help support their education, their well-being, the promotion of opportunities for their future. The auction will be sometime this summer, and Yohan Blake hopes that generous watch enthusiasts will step forward to bid.”

Photo source: Watchprosite 

Jamaican Sprinter and Richard Mille Partner Yohan Blake Pays a Visit to the Swiss Jura

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

After two busy but very enjoyable days spent on the Richard Mille stand at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva, which opened on Monday 21st January, the highly successful Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake travelled to Les Breuleux on Wednesday 23rd January to visit the Richard Mille premises and immerse himself in the atmosphere of this temple devoted to fine watchmaking.

Accompanied by his personal staff, the current 100 m world champion set off to meet Richard Mille’s team of watchmakers in the Swiss Canton of Jura on Wednesday morning, discovering the workshops where the brand’s exceptional and acclaimed creations are produced. The manufacturing director, Yves Mathys, had the privilege of showing Yohan Blake around the production facilities and, at the end of the visit, the sprinter signed autographs – on running shoes, of course! – to the delight of the RM watchmakers.

This was not the first time that the 23-year-old Jamaican, winner of a handful of medals at the London 2012 Olympics, had visited Switzerland. Indeed, it was in Lausanne that he became the third greatest sprinter of all time on August 23rd 2012 by winning his 100 m race in 9.69 seconds. Beating his personal best by six-hundredths of a second, he confirmed his remarkable talent as well as his potential to smash records.

Like the other illustrious sporting partners who make up the ‘RM Family’, Yohan Blake has developed a specific calibre with Richard Mille: a watch designed for sprinters the world over. Premiered at the 2013 SIHH, the RM 59-01 Yohan Blake is an ergonomic, high-performance tourbillon watch that features a unique architectural structure.